Bicycle Transportation on Trains

You can take your bike on all trains

Set off for a bicycle ride with us. All of our trains are low-floor, so even the smallest of you can get on with a bike. Our reservation system will confirm during ticket ordering whether there is still enough room for you. We will assign you a seat close to your bikes so you can see them during the whole journey. One train can take up to four bikes on board.

The bicycle transportation fee is 2 €

You can take your bikes with us from April to the end of October. On our regional connections we offer transport all year round.

Pay attention to dimensions

The length of the big bicycle must be a maximum of 180 cm or 150 cm, in both cases a maximum of 60 cm from the center of the bicycle to the handlebars, provided that the total length of the handlebars is 70 cm. The weight of the bicycle must not exceed 23 kg.

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