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Skiing on fresh powder snow or ice skating on a lake in the middle of pristine nature – great ways to spend a winter day. But there is nothing like crowning a day of winter fun with a sauna.

Masters of the Sauna Art

The roots of saunas reach as far back as the 5th century BC. Archaeologists claim that steam baths were a regular part of the dwellings of the Scythian tribe in Asia. People would carry hot stones to their tents, pour water on them, and relax. They believed that the procedure improved their health. 

The migration of the Scythians to present-day Lithuania, Russia and Estonia brought the tradition to the land called Suomi, today’s Finland. Since then, the Finns have become masters of the sauna art. Everybody knows the term “Finnish sauna”. The popularity of sauna procedures quickly expanded all over Finland, and a public sauna was a regular part of any village.

🧖🏼 Czech Style

The principle of sauna lies in the quick increase of bodily temperature. The body tries to adapt by boosting the heart rate and to cool down by sweating. That is beneficial for the cardiovascular and motor systems. Sauna is a great way to relax and prevent illness in healthy people, but those with high blood pressure or inflammations, or pregnant women should stay away. You can enjoy classic and alternative sauna procedures from the warming to the cooling phase. There are aromatic saunas, steam saunas, bio-saunas, salt saunas, or tropical saunas. The Aquacentrum Pardubice offers a unique facility called the Sun Beach where you can relax in loungers, enjoy the warmth for 4 to 15 minutes and even get a bit of a tan.

Zesty Baths

Baths are great! Ancient Romans used to relax in hot mineral water. Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey. Hydrotherapy, or treatment with water, is one of the oldest and best proven healing methods. It is great in the winter. You can enjoy hot baths for instance in Teplice nad Bečvou which offers an excellent value for money. They use mineral water from their own springs. You can try carbon baths and wraps which will relax your muscles, or aromatic whirlpool baths with a unique recreational effect.

What is Czechia if not beer. Why not check out beer baths, for instance in the Zábřeh Brewery near Ostrava. You will be seated in a wooden tub in the cellar and treated to a beer and oil bath with added yeast, draff, and malt extracts. You can also enjoy a massage and drink a flagon of the local Pikard beer. If you prefer wine, you can opt for a wine bath with almond oil and a glass of Veltliner green wine.

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Tropical Joy

The Papilonia butterfly house is a perfect choice for all nature enthusiast. There are five venues, one in Na Příkopě Street, Prague. You can encounter hundreds of butterflies from all over the world. If you use a fruit-scented perfume or wear a bright yellow or red clothes, you might get lucky and make one of the flying jewels sit on your shoulder.

Another place to warm up in the winter is one of the greenhouses in the Flora Olomouc exhibition grounds. The Tropical Greenhouse will amaze you with its intoxicating aroma of the stephanotis floribunda liana or the yellow jasmine. The highlight of the greenhouse is the tropical Santa Cruz water lily. In the Subtropical greenhouse, you can see various species of citrus, fig or olive trees.

Text: Lucie Bezoušková
Photo: Štefan Špic, Vítkovice, Nová Horka, Kunín, Unsplash
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