Queens of Czech Landscape

The legendary chieftain Czech uttered his prophecy on Mount Říp. The mythical knights hide in Blaník Mountain, waiting for their time to save the country. It is no coincidence that so many legends are tied to spectacular hills and mountains scattered all over Czechia. In addition to the secrets inside, mountains offer breathtaking vistas from their tops.

Majestic Attraction

The highest mountain of the Czech Republic, Sněžka has always fascinated mountaineers with its 1603 metres. A climb to the top was first recorded in the 15th century. By the 18th century, Sněžka became the most visited peak in Europe. In August 1800, it attracted John Quincy Adams, later to become the president of the USA.

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Majestic Attraction

Views And Marshmallows

Some 30 km northwest of Olomouc, the highest of the Úsov Hills reaches 600 m above sea level. You can walk to the top of Bradlo via the educational trail from Libina and then continue to Nová Hradečná, following the 13 panels with information about the local nature and fun boards for kids. After climbing the rock carved steps to the top, you can admire a stunning panorama of a landscape full of lakes, fields, woods, and groves.

Just a few kilometres to the south, between the villages of Vojtěchov and Javoříčko, the magnificent limestone formation called Petrified Castle is a part of the Špraněk National Natural Reserve and lies on an educational path of the same name. The rock soars 54 m above the creek below, and the viewing platform on top offers a breath-taking view of the landscape. The nearby Javoříčko Caves, not far from Bouzov Castle, comprise several kilometres of natural underground tunnels, giant domes, and chasms, richly decorated by dripstone.

🏰 Mysterious Castle

On the right bank of the Vltava in the south of Prague, Braník Rock offers a magnificent view of the river flowing through the town. There are two areas – the rock itself with the Dobeška Park on top, and School Hill next to it. You can follow a marked path with information boards to the top of the hill. The rocks are rich in fossils, largely explored in the 19th century by palaeontologist Joachim Barrande. There used to be a mineral-water spring. The water was bottled here and sold in Prague as “healing water”. The place is also surrounded with legends about a treasure inside the rock and a castle on top of it. In the early 20th century, the geographer Jiří Král wrote a book locating the real Vyšehrad castle, as described in old Czech legends, to this place, rather than Vyšehrad Hill a short way to the north. His theory, however, has been conclusively disproven.

Surprise in the Maze

In the hills above the left bank of the Jizera River, in the area called the Czech Paradise, the romantic natural sandstone mazes of Kalich and Chléviště are jumbles of narrow paths between rocks, which frequently open to offer stunning views of the valley. It is a 5-km walk from the nearby village of Besedice on a path suitable for tourists of all ages. 

Surprise in the Maze

TEXT: Lucie Bezoušková
PHOTO: Shutterstock.com, Lubor Ferenc, JirkaSv / Wikimedia Commons
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