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Whether in the cinema or our comfy home, we all love watching movies. And when you are familiar with the settings, it is twice as interesting! Join us on a trip to famous film locations without ever leaving the country.

Prague in Disguise

The first and foremost is surely Miloš Forman’s Amadeus. The award-winning blockbuster describes the life of one of the most famous composers of all time – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was shot in Prague and Kroměříž (in Moravia). The historically intact parts of Prague city centre allowed the crew to shoot using very few tricks or touch-ups, even though the story of the 1984 film really takes place in Vienna, Austria.

Observant viewers will recognise the lavish interiors of Kroměříž Castle. In recent years, it saw the shooting of several scenes for the series about the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, or the series I Am Mattoni about the Italian born entrepreneur who gave the name to the famous mineral water from Karlovy Vary. 

Brothers in Kutná Hora

The story of The Brothers Grimm takes place in the 19th century Germany, but the whole film was shot in different locations all over the Czech Republic. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger impersonated two cheaters who take advantage of popular beliefs, but one day they face a real curse which requires real courage and determination.

Could you find a better setting for a film full of imagination and mystery than Kutná Hora? The crew chose the 14th century Corpus Christi Chapel, which originally comprised a large ossuary. The medieval builders from Prague had created a unique architectural jewel with three rib-vaulted aisles and an imposing stairway leading into the chapel, which can be seen in the film. The film features a number of Czech actors, such as Tomáš Hanák or Miroslav Táborský.

Fairy Tale

The Czech Republic is famous for the high number of well-preserved historical buildings. When you plan a trip to a castle or a chateau, choose one with a rich filming history, for instance Castle Bouzov, north of Olomouc. The castle was built in the 13th and 14th century, and it was allegedly the birthplace of the Czech king George of Poděbrady. Czech viewers will also know the castle from the fairy tale film about Princess Jasněnka and the Flying Cobbler, one of the highlights of Christmas TV plans.

Some might remember seeing Castle Bouzov in the Italian film Fantaghiro. Fantaghiro is a headstrong, clever, and courageous princess, the main character of five fantasy films full of supernatural creatures, talking animals, wizards, and charms. And again, the 1990s production engaged a number of Czech actors, such as Kateřina Brožová, Pavel Zedníček, or Filip Renč. Castle Bouzov also appeared in the 1992 series The Young Indiana Jones.

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TEXT: Lucie Bezoušková
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