Gift vouchers for traveling

The best gift is an experience

You certainly have a lot of loved ones in your family and friends who like to travel. Their birthdays or anniversaries are approaching and you are wondering in vain what to give them? Buy them a voucher to travel with the Leo Express fleet! The birthday person can choose the date and destination themselves and maybe even take you with them.

How to buy a gift voucher?

  1. Write us at [email protected] which value of the voucher are you interested in. Then we will agree on payment and shipping.
  2. Then we will agree on payment and shipping.

Choose the most suitable one

Whether you buy a voucher for any occasion, we have a solution for you. And if the recipient is also a Smile Club member, they will also receive cashback after the ride when they purchase a ticket using the gift voucher.

  • 20 €

  • 40 €

  • 80 €

  • 200 €

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