Orlicko - operation

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Where we will go

  • Track 024: Ústí nad Orlicí – Letohrad – Králíky – Mlýnický Dvůr
  • Track 025: Dolní Lipka – Hanušovice (at the weekends)
  • Track 010: Prague – Pardubice – Ústí nad Orlicí (selected trains)

Our trains

All our trains will be barrier-free (low-floor), air-conditioned and equipped with sockets and WiFi connection.
We will deploy Alstom LINT units on most passenger trains. You can find out more about LINT here.
We will use the Stadler FLIRT electric units for express trains to Prague, Pardubice and Wroclaw. You can find details about FLIRT here

Our trains


The proposal of the timetable can be found here. Please note that this is the first draft timetable to be commented on by the municipalities and public in the coming months. The final form of the timetable is decided by the Pardubice Region as the Client.


The IREDO regional tariff will apply in our trains. For details on the IREDO tariff, click here. A tarif calculator is also available.
We are currently discussing the recognition of IN cards. We will publish details of all tariff offers in the coming months.

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