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Press releases 2022

24. 10. 2022 Leo Express celebrates 10 years and has gifts for passengers
11. 7. 2022 Leo Express adds a second daily service from Prague to Ukraine. With more people now returning than leaving the country

Press releases 2021

25. 6. 2021 Leo Express returns to Poland, passengers can get a 25% discount

Press releases 2020

28. 1. 2020 Leo Express carried 2.4 million passengers in 2019, turnover exceeded €40m, profit increased

Press releases 2019

6. 12. 2019 Expansion in Poland: Leo Express started offering tickets from Prague to Wroclaw, received a permit to go between Cracow and the Ukrainian border and has requested a permit for a line to Warsaw

10. 9. 2019 The new Leo Express train Sirius will arrive in Europe tomorrow

15. 8. 2019 The sales of Leo Express for first half of the year are close to half a billion CZK. In the Czech Republic the company reached a profit in 2018

1. 7. 2019 Customers will name the new Leo Express trains, every member of Smile Club can take part

3. 6. 2019 Leo Express has revealed a part of interior of their new trains, which will arrive to the Czech Republic in the second half of this year

30. 5. 2019 Leo Express grows in Poland: it will launch daily train connection from Prague to Krakow, it sets up new follow-up buses to Lviv and it adds new stops for minibus lines

30. 1. 2019 Leo Express transported 1,8 million passengers in 2018. Turnover of group has increased to 800 million CZK

Press releases 2018

9. 11. 2018 Leo Express launched ticket saleson Prague - Krakow trains route again: daily operations from mid-next year 

4.10.2018 Leo Express buses have ridden around the planet Earth 30 times in half a year.

23. 8. 2018 First year in Germany: Leo Express is the second largest private passenger rail carrier on the German long distance transport market

1. 8. 2018 Leo Express has secured 15 modern diesel units for operations in the Czech Republic

20. 7. 2018 The first Leo Express train has departed to Polish Krakow

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